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  • Versatility of the Klampress makes it the #1 choice of municipalities today for their dewatering needs.
  • Zone approach dewatering is the strength of the Klampress
  • Performance and long life make the Klampress the Benchmark of the industry.
  • Advanced Klampress Technologies continue to set the industry standard for high-performance dewatering. Over the decades Klampress technologies have evolved and optimized dewatering processes. Today the Klampress stands as the benchmark by which all other models, methods and approaches are compared.

Versatility: Makes the Klampress the #1 choice of municipalities today.

The design of the Klampress has been carefully planned over the years and has evolved into the most versatile Model of Belt Filter Press on the market today.  Each model is designed to meet the high demands of long life and dependability of today's water and wastewater treatment plants. Today's Klampress is available in the following configurations:

Standard Gravity Deck
Extended Gravity Deck and Wedge Zone
Extended Deck High Solids
Standard Deck 3-Belt
Extended Deck 3-Belt
Extended Deck 3-Belt High Solids

No matter the need, no matter the application, there is a Klampress model that will fit your specific dewatering needs and application. Contact us today and let us help you define your Klampress.